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How Online "find a builder" sites work.

Well you have many home internet corporations somewhere. Their business is partly search engine optimization. This optimization draws homeowners to the site. This is not a construction corporation this is an internet corporation. Their websites fish for homeowners information. The real business is selling you and your project information.
At some point you feel safe enough to fill in the required fields, instantly your information is offered for sale to contractors, who might have trouble keeping word-of-mouth business or paying bills. Then two or more contractors - I’ve heard as many as ten - can call - sometimes like wild animals. Sometimes it can go well too.

I currently have two lead corporations regularly asking me to pay a monthly fee for their service and for a premium, I can be listed as one of their “Preferred/Top/Ok’d” contractors. This is a very low bar to jump over for a high quality rating seen on some sites. This is not a hopeful picture of the many caring professionals in this business, who may not have time nor need to internet market. Always bear in mind there is a difference between winning a contract through a lead service and being the winning contractor every homeowner is seeking.

Why doesn't my contractor call back?

Kitchen and Bath Design

We never accept kitchen and bath design work. Well, something exceptional, all custom, yes. 
A good cabinet company will have a professional designer on staff who pumps out hundreds of designs a year. This is the person we want you to work with. If you have an interior designer with a special flair in your price range, paying the premium makes sense, but it certainly is not necessary.  😉
Sadly, this is a common question. Can a contractor can field all that a homeowner might emotionally require? For you its personal space and for the builder its work. Paying an extra premium for white glove treatment may be worth it. It goes without saying that with some guys, no matter what you pay there will be problems.

Consider that any seasoned contractor has made the dream you have come true hundreds of times. For example, a discussion about a beautiful kitchen (and any professional only renders beautiful work - never a question) might occur in their minds with these concerns - a filler piece at a corner so doors don't hit adjacent cabinets, proximity of island to dishwasher & oven door swings, minimum spacing for code compliance, aging in place, the sink, stove, fridge triangle (not used so much these days), location of water supply and fixtures to be installed - there are hundreds more. Any project in the mind of a project lead - builder, contractor, carpenter, company, corporation - comes down to the last nail they have to keep track of - all 75,000 of them. So a ask before hand if they can meet your needs for communication and personal space.
They have alot on their minds and when the day to day stress is on, and they are taking care of anything in a project that comes along. Builders who don't love happy homeowners do not last .

Material Failure

This is a fun piece of trivia, but not trivial. I heard in a computer class that Microsoft windows hit the market with an astounding 40% failiure rate - I have no way to confirm this, but remember how it use to crash? Thank god it works so well now - my primary software runs PC only.

These days, buying products from china and the big box stores likewise offers a mind boggling failure rate. You do get what you pay for so again... this is relative to certain times, materials and conditions, which all builders grapple with.

There are products designed incorrectly, which get retrofitted onsite by your builder and there are returned, repackage and resold products. I once saw a bathtub from a brand new box, that was painstakingly carried to an upper floor, opened with silicone and holes from a previous installation.

I have had cabinet grade plywood for custom cabinets with air gaps between plys that made the material, once cut, unusable. Once you cut it, often you own it. I also had a historic restoration with doric columns installed - custom railings attached. The Building Official asked us to join the Historic Society because of the detail and accuracy of the restoration. We used the second best primer on the market - failure was not possible. The columns peeled every time paint went on. We  concluded the lumber yard was shiped the composite structural columns, which never cured properly and paint would not stick. This was a catastrophic nigntmare to fix.